Colorectal Unit

The Colorectal Unit

The Colorectal Clinic at the Sievering Surgical Clinic assists ambulatory patients and patients referred to the Sievering Surgical Clinic from other hospitals. We provide assessments and follow-up care, primarily for patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer and other colorectal disorders. Our clinic encompasses surgical oncology care.

Our services:
Acute recto-anal disease and disorder
Patient assessments for patients with new or metastasized colorectal cancers and palliative care patients
Internal consultations (consultations for patients referred from other areas of the hospital)
Follow-up care for patients after treatment
Assistance with pain control issues

The one stop GI Endoscopy Unit with all facilities :-

Open Access Endoscopy

Flexible Full Length Colonoscopy

Endoscopic Photographs

Therapeutic Endoscopy

Video Endoscopy

Guides for Surgery
Crohn’s Disease
Diverticular Disease
Colorectal Cancer
Bowel Incontinence
Anal Abscess / Fistula
Familial Polyposis
Laparoscopic Surgery
Enterostomal Therapy

Precautionary Colonoscopy

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