Endoscopy under Sedation

If wished, the endoscopy can be performed under sedation .

For sedation the medication are used: midazolam (Dormicum) and propofol which bring about a calming, a reduction of feelings and pain. Against pain analgesic are used; Tramadol or fentanyl.

Because of possible side effects on blood circulation and respiratory organs, sedation requires an accurate monitoring by means of pulse oximeters (measurement of the oxygen content in the blood with pulse monitoring) and blood pressure measurement.

If you have received a sedative, you may only leave the clinic accompanied, because of the impairment of your ability to drive and do not operate a vehicle within the next 24 hours, do not operate the machine and do not sign any contracts.

Sedation is charged 100 € and is covered by your private insurance, however it is not covered by national social insurance.

A declaration of consent must be signed prior treatment

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